Friday, September 14, 2007

you mean, i can’t call you doogie?!

so, i saw the brave one today. and i couldn't help

thinking about naveen andrews as "sayid" on LOST.

it was quite unfortunate actually. as they were beating

the crap out of him, i saw the others beating the crap

out of him. (if you don't watch the show, don't bother)

it kind of sucks in a way, that certain actors get pegged as


  • neal patrick harris - doogie howser
  • daniel radcliffe – harry potter
  • jon heder – napoleon dynamite
  • anthony hopkins – hannibal lectar
  • eh, im lazy you can make your own list

personally, i tend to make my own pegs. but not really "character pegs"

they're more like creepy pegs. like for one thing, ever since i saw red dragon i can't even look

at ralph fiennes without wanting to pee on myself and run away, and everytime i see a full back

tattoo, i picture phillip seymour hoffman

in a burning wheelchair rolling down the street. i usually retain

movie plots and characters pretty well, and sometimes their

a bit too hard to shake. i'll always see natalie portman as that little girl

in the professional, steve carrel and rainn wilson will always be michael

and dwight, and will ferrel will always be… oh dang…uh…. he'll

always need more cowbell. i think that's why i get so frustrated when books are turned into movies and

tv shows, because i always have to remember everything about certain characters and plots. .. or i just like

complaining, that's probably the most likely reason.



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