Monday, September 3, 2007

it's summer time allright

so, i thought tthe point of having a little brother was that i would'nt be subjected to this nonsense:
yes, i was forced to watch high school musical 2 not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES!!!
and then the little jerk made me burn it to DVD. are we being serious?! who sits and writes this stuff down? i also had to
  • put it on my ipod
  • pretend to like it
  • sit down on the couch and actually watch it
  • and deal with the fact that i'm apparently the only human left that does'nt like it
what the duece?! i hate high school musical!!! i hate the disney channel! what happened to even stevens and lizzie mcguire?

not all kid's movies/shows bother me, but this crossed the line; i wish i could burn zac efron on the amazinglyy green lawn he sang and dance on



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