Sunday, February 3, 2008

worst movie hair styles

let me just say first that i thought sweeney todd was a horrible movie. for some strange reason unknown, i hate when people touch my neck, so watching that montage of throat-slitting made me want to kill myself. and plus, i just thought it was an all-around horrible movie. it also made Yahoo!'s "Worst Hairstyles in Movies" list:

but, i kind of like the 80's bob in no country for old men

...i think.

and if there is a list that has "worst" or "horrible" or "not good" in the title, naturally, from justin to kelly
has to be in it:


Sunday, January 13, 2008

i have a douche load of work to do

but yet i remain on the internet.
checking virb, facebook, myspace, and whatnot.
looking at the list of golden globe winners (p.s; johnny depp and that horrid movie shouldn't have won)
reading blogs. pathetic. laziness at its best (or worst...whatev)

that is all.

*snicker* i said douche load... wtf is that?


WTF bravo?!?!?

how am i supposed to do my homework when you air snazzy shows like project runway and make me a supermodel???

come one guys! you can't play project runway in the morning when i'm trying to be productive! and what is this:


huh? let's get a better handle on these time slots, at least until summer ;P


Friday, December 14, 2007

who doesn't love babies?

not i!!!

i think this video is quite hilarious. others, not so much.maybe its just an alexis thing


Sunday, November 18, 2007

if i change my font to comic sans

my five page paper becomes a seven page paper! i like to do this for one reason:
once the paper actually hits like, 12 pages, i turn it back to times new roman and its at least 10 pages, literally. its a self-esteem boost technically. im not one of those jerks that quadruple spaces between paragraphs and has a half a page title, that ain't cool.

back to writing my 8 to 10 times new roman english lit paper.


just because i hate that damn soulja boy song


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i'll give this one 4 stars! maybe two or three because the other friend seems so unoriginal. it kinda ruins the whole "flow" of the video now that i think about it.


august rush

so, i saw the august rush sneak preview last night. and the theater was packed so if you weren't there your probably a douche. anyway, it was really good (even though johnathan rhys meyers didn't take his shirt off) it kinda makes me want to dust off my flute, find my old "disney songs for flute" book,, and bust out some little mermaid tunes. (even though this movie is in no way affiliated with we all should hope.)

and besides, who doesn't love little british kids right? wrong, i recently found out that kid is like, 15 and it kinda creeps me out. once people find out, they're gonna "dakota fanning" him and force him to do indie movies with rape scenes that no studio wants to buy. its tough being a child actor...especially when your pegged as a child actor.