Monday, September 3, 2007

reeding is for weenies

so, i was pretty fed up with books to movies/tv shows after the sisterhood of the traveling pants.
so, i saw children of men first and th
en read the book; and now i know why. it's pretty much like someone read the book, went on vacation for a month, then decided to write the screenplay while watching every season of the oc. i don't understand why they don't warn us when books have nothing to do with the movie except for a basic outline. but this is just silly:

it's a season 1 promo picture for gossip girl, thats gonna be on the cw. i can tell by looking at the cast they didn't pay attention to much detail. in fact, that girl on the far right is supposed to be 14, have DD breasts, and have thick, curly brown hair. the only thing they got right is the school uniform...and the girl part. and that guy to the left of her is supposed to be fat, blond, a closet gay, and have a pet monkey on his shoulder wearing matching outfits. (yup, i'm pretty serious about my reading) i wouldn't be surprised if they hired james earl jones as the narrator. boo, the cw producers, boo. heres the teaser trailer for season 1:

it's somewhat similar to the books, and i'll probably still watch it (i can't help it), but come on now.



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